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A New Dimension

Zara Coat | Topshop Scarf | Cos Top | Topshop Trousers | Office Boots (similar)

I had a little bit of a spree in the January sales and managed to bag myself this amazing coat from Zara, the perfect layering top from Cos and perhaps the best not dressy but could be boots from Office.



Three Things For Me

With the beginning of the new year you couldn't escape the blog posts and videos detailing hopes and dreams for 2016. I'm not one to make resolutions and I feel like I'm only really getting into the swing of this year now, but I've realised there are a couple of things I'm making specific efforts to achieve this year. 

And I know I'm not the only one, something I've seen and heard a lot regarding 2016 is how people are using the opportunity of the new year to start fresh and focus on themselves, and I'm no different; so here's three things I'm doing for me in 2016.


I'm Wearing | Missguided Chunky Jumper

The temperature has seriously dropped in the UK since Jan hit. And to be honest, I'm not that upset about it coz it finally means I can wear my beloved knitwear pieces without getting overheated.



Currently Loving | Kat Von D

Is there anything more satisfying than finding the perfect nude? I don't think so either.

Like most these days, I have my go-to nudes that come with me everywhere. Sure three lipsticks, four lip liners and a lip gloss coming everywhere may seem excessive to some, but I can always find room for more.


That Suede Jacket

When something gets way too popular, I usually tend to shy away from it. But one must have piece I couldn't resist, was that suede jacket from Missguided.


New Year, New Candle

With it being the New Year and all that I thought I'd get the year off to a good start and buy myself a little treat. I've recently moved and there seems to be a distinct lack of candles in my new space...mainly because I haven't bought any! So I thought I'd start as I mean to go on and picked up this new addition on a recent shopping trip.


The One Palette Face

When it comes to this time of year and getting your face together, I think we can all agree, the less effort the better. I've been pretty obsessed with this Kat Von D palette since I got it back in the summer. Not only are the powders silky soft and easy to work with, but this is a great, do your whole face with one palette option.


A change of scenery



Let's Eat | Gluten Free Wraps

Recently I have been trying to give up bread, milk and wheat. For the last few weeks I've been so bloated and uncomfortable so I'm trying to figure out what it is that is making feel so awful, I have a sneaking suspicion it could be wheat.