Sunday Papers…

So it’s that time in the season when SS11 is really kicking in and this weekends papes were all go with info.  Firstly the eagerly anticipated announcement of who has had the honor of designing the royal wedding dress bestowed upon them…fairly surprisingly McQueen’s successor and right hand woman Sarah Burton, personally I think a McQueen dress is a perfect choice, edgy but classically british, and I have a sneaking suspicion this choice could be her alai in once and for all freeing her from all those Diana comparisons and focusing on Kate the bride to be…if only for a day!
The ever fascinating subject that is designers/actors/anyone in the public eye has also taken centre Sunday stage in the form of John Galliano by Giles Hattersley, an indepth overview of the rise and recent fall of the man who saved Dior, at least for me!
And then there’s the big spring issue of the Sunday Times style mag which, I usually find can be somewhat hit and miss, being the only reason I buy the Sunday Times…well its defo not for the money/business/sport/family/million other supplements it comes with! So yes being the only reason I go out the house on a Sunday morning, when it’s abit rubbish I cant help but feel cheated, but this week, what a treat, the size, the girth, yes we are still talking about Style! Filled to the brim with new season delights this one is defo an addition to the archive.  
Its the time in the season when we look back on our SS/AW wardrobe of the last year with disgust! Thinking how could I ever have gone out in a Bodycon Leger rip off – hideous! But hold on just before you start filling those Tesco bags for the 6 monthly trip to the chazzer, I have to say, hold up now!  I do understand that a few ‘updates’ are essential to any successful transitional wardrobe but denying that we ever seriously WANTED a Leger rip off despite the fact we bought one in every shade, is a mentality I will never adhere to! If you were to pay attention to Style you would throw out anything remotely fitted, revealing or obviously sexy in favour of stocking up on ‘the new sexy’. And don’t get me wrong I shall absolutley be one of those signing up to this new aesthetic sure, the classic, femininity of chiffon, sheer, nude and dare I say Geek chic, (think Velma from Scooby Doo meets Chloe Sevigny and your nearing my interpretation)  is one to build upon for seasons to come and something I genuinely feel is heading for bi-annually subtle updates rather than complete seasonal write offs in fashion weeks to come, BUT, I am also a strong believer in everything has it’s place especially, if you’re small like me so, I shant be offloading the bodycons quite yet, in anticipation of the fashion cycle I shall merely wait for that cog to ride back round!

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