Blonde Ambition

So I don’t know if it’s because I want to feel summary or just want to try and be as cool as these chicks but lately all I can think about is going BLONDE! I have always been a fan of big lips, big, dark eyebrows and blonde hair…maybe a nose ring too, and I always envied those girls that could go from white blond to dark brown with seemingly noooo damage…after working in a hairdressers for two years though it would appear this is not always the case, there is justice in some part!

Now if you know me you’ll be like, errrrrrrrrrrrrr, have you had a few too many sniffs of the bleach bottle recently? I am just as surprised as you at this overwhelming need I appear to have suddenly developed. Since I could dye my hair all I’ve been is variants of chocolate brown and black. I LOVED having black hair. I then experimented with red and am now left with this coppery/gingery colour on the ends as my roots have started to come through, which I love, with some of the ends looking really light to me. This has ignited my intrigue to see myself blonde, not completely, I’ll obvs keep the rootage, but since Rita Ora, Marina and the Diamonds and more recently Rihanna all I can think about is blonde, blonde, blonde!

Here’s some blonde-spiration to whet those appetites!

The Newbies

 I think this is the look I may try and achieve, perhaps with more rootage and slighty more brassy!
(Obsessed with this blogger)
Old Skool
The Original Bombshell
So what do you think? Could you picture this barnet being blonde?
Until the next post!
Love, love, love,

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  1. Lara Inez says:

    I think you could definately pull it off 🙂 x

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