TOWIB Spring Social

Is it that time of year again?! I really can’t believe it’s mid Feb but anyways, Saturday saw the return of TOWIB (The Only Way is Blogging) here in bloggers central, London Town. The TOWIB Winter Warmer was my first fray into blogging events and since then I have never looked back! So I met up with my first ever bloggies Annabel and Lucy, as well as a few others we’ve met along the way like the loooovely Jem! And headed down to get networking, socialising and, well, scam as much free tea and cakes as poss! It was held at the uber fancy Montague Hotel near Bloomsbury and there was a maaasive turn out. 
To be honest I did have a much better time at the last event, it was a lot more casual as well as having two make up brands there who gave us free stuff, my fav, plus, getting to here from some of our favourite bloggers regarding their success, photography tips, html tips and just general blogging chit chat was really valuable at that time as I was really starting to take blogging more seriously. This time it was all ‘business’, how to monetise your blog, how to work with brands, how to approach PRs, this is all fine if that’s what your into, but blogging for me really is just a hobbie that I loooove to do. Sure if I can get some freebies and perhaps some cash along the way I would happily oblige but it’s definitely not my sole purpose for blogging. It’s more of a ‘support’ to my career, I love writing, I love beauty, I love fashion, I love writing about beauty and fashion! And despite the fact I do get to do these things to some extent in my day job, I like to have this as more of a showcase of my passion, knowledge and general interest really.
So in short it was OK, loved getting to see my little bloggies as well as Youtubers that I looooove to watch including Jessica French, Veeveevogue, Essiebutton and Meganisobel plus getting to chat with the lovely Selina from Motel and Faye from Wired Jewellery, but I think at this stage in my ‘blogging career’ I may just stick to blogger meet ups, less formal, more genuine and I think more useful really.
So enough chit chat, I made a vlog didn’t I?! I’m thinking of doing more so this is sort of an experiment so be nice!
Until the next post!
Love, love, love,

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  1. Lauren-Ella says:

    Hm maybe its good I couldn't go! Except I miss all yooooou! 😉 x

  2. I'm thinking selling my ticket wasn't a bad idea after all. Hope to see you soon! xx

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