Fashion! Turn To The Left: LFW Day One

Ok so it started yesterday, but for me it’s day one.  And just to set the record straight, coz I know you’ll all be wondering, as I always do with bloggers, ‘err what’s so good about ‘er why can’t I go?!’ But I’m not one of those highflying bloggers that gets invited to shows coz I’m like, well too cool for school, (as you can probably see from my GFC count ha!) I’m actually very lucky and am able to get tickets through my day job, not loads, but I’ve managed to get my paws on a few!

So today I’m off to John Rocha (part of me wishes it was Simone but I’ll take what I can get!) Issa and a few at Vauxhall Fashion Scout. I cannot wait for Issa as I’ve been before and it’s usually sleb central, not to mention models like Alice Dellal (my idol!) and Naomi Campbell gracing their catwalk.

So I thought I’d give you a little peek at what I think are essentials for LFW. I’m always interested to see these kind of things as it doesn’t happen everyday and we’re all nosey parkers really aren”t we?!

The Shoes

…have to be Jeffrey Campbell’s. I love heels and have so many pairs but find myself always reaching for my trusty Docs or Creepers, even on nights out I just can’t stand (stupid pun) not being comfortable.  I can’t bare the ‘bambi’ walk of chicks trying to walk in heels after 4 hours of dancing on them, so won’t take the risk. This is where JCs are iiiiit for events like fashion week and just in general day to day life really. I like to feel tall at shows because it’s soooo easy to get lost in the crowd and feel intimidated by the well turned out ‘fashion pack’, so heels are my secret weapon to ‘fitting in’. Not too over dressed for day shows and work just as well to ‘edge’ up an outfit for evening shows and after parties, not to mention being a dream to walk in – can’t lose really!

The Bag

It must be the Mulberry. I would say the Chanel but I can’t fit much in mine as it’s the smaller one (again just for clarification I was reeeeally jammy and found it for £100 at Portabello…defo not that rich to have a new one!) But yeah, this is perfect for packing in all my essentials and hot footing it from show to show intact.

And what the hell is in it?

One thing that’s not in here is my camera as I obvs had to take the photo with it! But I will be vlogging and blogging when I get there so look out for those! Most of these are pretty self explanatory but I’ll take you through my top ones.
Chanel No 5 – This goes hand in hand with my JC argument, little touches to help you feel more comfortable. It smells rich, so I feel rich, therefore I belong at LFW, on that freakin’ FROW yarrrrrrr!
Notebook – To jott down details like hair/make up looks, favourite outfits, fabrics, accessories, FROW spottings, contact details, just notes to remember really!
Rimmel Stay Matte – Gotta stay matte, nuff said.
L’oreal Elnette – Keep those pesky flyaways as bay!
So yeah that’s my little list of what I’m taking. I’ll post an OOTD once I get dressed and check back for vids/pics and general LFW insider chit chat!
Are you off to any shows this season?
Until the next post!
Love, love, love,

6 Responses to Fashion! Turn To The Left: LFW Day One

  1. Beth says:

    enjoy today! LFW sounds amazing xx

  2. Tania says:

    Oh Mary how jelous I am! Hope you have a fab time and I shall try my hardest not to resent you for it! Mwah! Xx

  3. Rose. says:

    Lovely post I'm so jelous over your Mulberry bag and Jeffrey Campbell's 🙂

    I'm following now, maybe follow me back? @

    Rose x

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