LFW AW12 Day 1 and OOTD


So I must apologise for my tardiness with my upcoming LFW posts. I’ve had a bit of a nightmare as I intended to do a vlog for my Youtube channel rather than in depth blogs. To cut a long story short both my computer and camera are severely rubbish in the memory stakes so, in short, I tried to save memory on my camera by uploading each day, in the process of saving memory on my computer I f**ked up my iMovie and lost everything! Soooo vlogs gone and I am now trying to upload the remnants of my fashion week photo records, which isn’t many as I deleted most of them, to make some kind of interesting blog – greeeeeeeat.

So anyway onto the good stuff, I got to go to a few shows this season yaaaay!

I wore this…

As I intended to vlog this is the only pic I have so here’s the details –

Topshop Leather Jacket, Charity Shop Silk Shirt, Vintage Gold Chain, Topshop Bodycon Skirt, M&S Sheer Tights, M&S White Socks, JC Litas, Fred Perry Tartan Scarf, Mulberry Mitzy Tote.

First on the agenda was John Rocha, which I didn’t ACTUALLY get to go into despite having a ticket!!They were at capacity by the time I got there so I was turfed out to the Canon cinema…booooo. It was a lovely show though, black, sheer, floaty, need I say more? It’s the stuff my fashion dreams are made of! Dreams I can’t show you coz I have no pics!! Although I did get given this popcorn to feast on whilst watching the show…

Best flavour ever…and I’ve tried a few!

I did also get some pics of the exhibition.

I ended the day with a little Issa action (don’t go on about it). Stunning show but not toooo great on the sleb sightings and, to be honest, that’s the main reason I went to the show, I just laaaaaaaaaave celaaaaaaaaaabrities!!!
Alright photogs jeeez…can’t catch a minute!
Oh haaaaaai Tinie…
Couldn’t keep his hands off me…obvs
So there you go that was my day one of London Fashion Week! Look out for day two and three hopefully coming today!!!
Until the next post!

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