Moonrise Kingdom...

Body Suit - AA
Jeans - Vintage Guess
Shoes - DMs
Pearl Choker - eBay
Rings - eBay/Wired Jewellery/Urban Outfitters/Camden
Nail Polish - Models Own Hedonist
Scarf - Fred Perry
Leather Jacket - ASOS
Rucksack - eBay

I haven't done an outfit post in forevs so with today being Bank Holiday Monday I thought the perfect op to take pics of myself and put them on the internet!

So to keep the spirit of the Jubilee alive, I went to the cinema...OK so bit miserable of me but I had no street parties to attend and the weather was so bi-polar I had no choice!

And with this weather in mind I wrapped up warm and wore sensible shoes! I went with the little boyf to see Moonrise Kingdom and loooooved it. I'm all about cult/indie/cute films so it was right up my street. I then gauged on Byrons...nom!

How have you spent your Jubilee days off?

Until the next post!

Love, love, love,


  1. You look so beautiful! Absolutely love the outfit! XO

  2. I bloody love ur style! x

  3. great look! love the color of your nails! :)

  4. great oldschool look. i just dont like this style of nails, it seems like cats clutches. with clasic shape of nails it´ll look more like "hi, im ok and im cool" than "i just pretend that im cool, that my old school jeans are ok - look i have cat nails!" :D ok, just my opinion ;)

    1. Please don't disguise abuse as a compliment or 'you're doing me a favour by telling me', have you never heard the saying 'if you've got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all?' The internet is a free space but there's no need to impose you're opinion when i didn't ask for it - if you don't like what I'm doing don't look at me and please keep negativity to yourself..kthanks