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So for the 2nd installment of my skincare routine I'm focusing on the added extras that really make a difference.

Only recently have I discovered the wonder of a serum. Serums are known as the 'treatment' or 'repair' stage of your skincare routine. Depending on your skincare concern you can always find a serum to cater. My two current favs are the housewives favourite, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair and my newest addition, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Capsules. I first tried Estee Lauder after receiving a sample and instantly fell in love. Like most people I thought, serums are just overpriced hype that really aren't essential but my skin was being particularly shit and upon using this it was literally, instantly transformed, my face just sucked it up! The most noticable change was my skintone, the morning after it looked even, a lot calmer and just generally fresher. I was then given the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide capsules as a trial and upon first use, I wasn't sure. It literally feels like you're putting olive oil on your skin, it takes a lot longer than ANR to sink in as well but once it does my skin feels amazing, I sometimes mix the two to give my skin a turbo boost of nourishing goodness!

Twice a week, at least when I have time (!) I like to slap on a facemask. Like with serums it easy to think of these as overpriced extras but they really, really do make such a difference to the texture and condition of your skin. I love the Origins Clear Improvement mask as a weekly detox as I have a horrific amount of blackheads on my nose and surrounding areas, when I slap this on I feel a tingle and instantly feel like it's really getting into the pores and giving them a good sweep around. I also like to use a brightening mask like the Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask to add radiance to my skin as living in the city combined with the winter months my skin looks duller than dull. Once again I had a sample of this mask before I bought just to see if the hype was really worth it, as soon as I removed it my boyfriend said, 'wow your skin looks amazing'...sold, if he notices a difference straight away, this has got to be good. And it really is, a bit like smearing marmalade on your face, sure, but it really does brighten up the skin. It's a fruit enzyme based mask that gently chemically exfoliates, like an at home peel to reveal fresh, new skin. Yes this may sound rather savage, a peel, but I find it really gentle and soothing and no irritation after, it's also great for helping with those pesky blackheads so I'd defo recommend for oily/troublesome skin. Want to ramp up the pamper sesh, I love to use these masks one after the other for a double whammy facial to really give myself a boost.

What are your skincare treats?

Until the next post,

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  1. Thats it - i am off to buy this Ren facemask at lunch - you have sold it to me!! Fingers crossed for brighter skin!! Zoe

  2. I REALLY want to try the Origins mask, I think it will have to be my next beauty buy!x

  3. I love Ren and Origins. Both of these work brilliantly for me :)

    Lea x

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