Boohoo…What’s your #partypose?


So with party season well and truly here I jumped at the chance to style an outfit as part of the Boohoo #partypose campaign.

As it’s been sooooo cold in the UK I wanted something kind of functional as well as keeping my own personal ‘edgy’ (although I hate using that word to describe my way of styling!) preferences. It may not be your typical ‘glitz and glam’ party outfit but I always love to stand out from the crowd I guess and wear something a bit different than your go-to sequin dress…although who doesn’t love a sequin! But to get the festive party message across, of course I had to include my signature gold jewellery. I think gold chokers look fab over roll necks and statement bracelets equally decadent over long sleeve lycra…if I’m going to strike my #partypose, I need to be armed with gold! I also picked this fab spiked bumbag. It’s kind of shiny so I think that, with the spikes keeps this look festive whilst maintaining my signature ‘edgy’ style, and how annoying can bags be on a night out?! I love that you can just clip this round your waist and whip your hair back and forth with no worries! Of course a crop top and pencil skirt had to be rocked, not only as it’s functional and will keep you as warm as lycra can (although perhaps I’d also have to surrender to the warmth of my faux fur) I also love the silhouette midi length bodycon and heels create. Which leads me nicely to the shoes, a wedge boot is always my heel of choice, easy to walk in, comfortable to dance in and teamed with a cute ankle sock, who couldn’t love this look! And the finishing touch? Lashes of course!! I love these Royah evening look ones as I really like to amp up the lashes on a night out whilst looking as ‘natural’ as fake lashes can. You could flutter these all night and no-one would know your secret!
So what’s your #partypose? Fancy getting involved too? Take a look at this post on Boohoo and show off yours!
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  1. Ah I love Boohoo! I order from them all the time.

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