The girl behind the camera...25 things about me

I pretty much always wear black.

I hate people touching me, especially my legs and ankles.

When I love a film or song I repeat it over and over again until I get sick of it...then I have a break and start again.

I'm obsessed with America but have never been.

I sometimes speak in a different accent to my own, specifically Somerset and American.

I love going to Somerset with my Mum and Sister.

The last 3 years have been the most emotionally testing of my life, it's something that challenges me most days.

I'm alot older than people think I am.

I am the youngest of 3.

I could probably eat Nando's everyday.

My mum is pretty much my bestest pal, I moved house so I could be closer to her.

I smell of Tom Ford Black Orchid.

I get easily irritated by other people,

I hate regular Broccoli but love Tenderstem Broccoli.

I'll always prefer to stay in than go out.

I think cooked Mushrooms smell like snot.

I always feel nostalgic in the summertime so I listen to Smashing Pumpkins 1979 and watch reruns of Dawson's Creek - I always wanted to live by the cape.

Season 3 of Laguna Beach is my favourite.

Rayanne Graff is my all time favourtie TV character.

My computer screensaver is Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen.

I really want a ginger kitten.

I've only ever had one boyfriend...we've been together 8 and a half years.

I'm constantly having a career crisis and struggle with deciding to continue on my current career path or become a hairdresser/makeup artist.

I hate flying.

I have a bit of a fascination with Asian girls and secretly wish I was half Korean.


  1. Interesting bits! I'm the same way about the second and third facts. And if you end up visiting America some day, you should try to take as much in as possible! I know a lot of bloggers tend to go to the well known or "glamorous" places like NYC, California, Miami, etc. There's also a lot of amazing scenery elsewhere and glamour in other major cities, in rural areas, etc. Sometimes I wonder what the perspective of America is for most people from the UK.

  2. ahh laguna beach is my guilty pleasure definitely agree about season 3!xx

  3. Love this post! I wear Black Orchid too, I love it. Although someone in work asked if I was wearing Old Spice once grrr :)

  4. I hate people touching me too and I want to be Asian too!! High five !!!