Casual Sunday…

I’ve had a pretty life changing event happen to me recently concerning my career so I’m a bit all over the place at the moment, but in a good way. Just trying to figure out how I can still fit in blogging around everything else but I’m determined to do it. Saying this I may be MIA here and there so please bare with me. So on my days off I’m really tired and can’t be bothered to do that much so I’ve been embracing all things casual and boylike…if that’s a word. I’m also obsessed with this brand Weekday, sister brand of Cheap Monday and am loving these casual pants all day, e’ryday.

11 Responses to Casual Sunday…

  1. Olivia Law says:

    You look so cool! I love the trousers xo

  2. eline says:

    Those pants look awesome! 😀

  3. Tanya says:

    Great outfit, love the jumper!

    Little Black Russian


  4. Loooove the track pants. xx

  5. Abbie says:

    LOVE a casual Sunday! I would go to work in trackies if I could! Watched your vid about your life changes, all sounds great! Being happy is the aim of the game at the end of the day, Congrats on the new job 🙂

  6. Luisa T. says:

    You are probably the only person who can wear some sweatpants and still pull it off! I'm loving this outfit and your hair is just unbelievable!
    I just think your blog is amazing and I'm following you now, obviously!
    Wish you all the best
    xx Luisa


    I recently started my own blog.
    I'd really appreciate it if you would check it out 🙂

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