Currently loving : Hourglass

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette and Veil Mineral Primer
(Powders L-R: Dim Light, Incandescent Light, Radiant Light)
Firstly, what a bad blogger I am taking a picture of a product after its been used! I’m just so not organised when it comes to this stuff and like to get stuck into a product before faffing around with photos. I’m also doubly naughty for blogging about a limited edition product which is now sold out online…I’m pretty sure however, it is still available in spaceNK stores.
Its taken the beauty blogging world by storm and at an eye watering £38 per compact are the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders really all a’ that? In a word, YES! I know, I know, how can a powder be so amazing! Well let me tell you.
After coveting their pretty images all over the web I decided to go and swatch them at my local John Lewis. Well there were two that really took my fancy, Dim Light, the superstar of the collection, and Radiant Light. And what is the point of these powders? The different ‘lights’ diffuse over your face to give your skin a type of airbrushed, HD, effect, as if you’re walking around with your very own lighting system, perfectly enhancing your features and skin a la Morticia Addams, I like to think!
Well they only went and launched a palette with both my favourite shades plus a brand new limited edishhhhh one didn’t they?! So after much justification as to why spending £56 on one palette was actually quite a deal (!) I decided to indulge myself. And I am so, so pleased I did and so happy I bought it, it has more than lived up to expectation. 
I’ve been using Dim Light as a setting powder, it’s a kind of warmish pink shade I suppose and I don’t know how it does it, but it really makes my skin look flawless, like actually amazing. So amazing I have compliments on how healthy my skin looks pretty much everytime I use it, now that has to be the biggest accolade really, people who have no idea how much my face ‘costs’ and they can really see the difference. I have also been using Radiant Light as a highlighter, its a really warming peachy, gold tone that doesn;t so much have any shimmer but more of a glow. I love to sweep this on first followed by a matte, taupe blush over the top, it really gives you a glow from within.
Another real stand out from Hourglass has to be the Veil Mineral Primer. This palette came with a 5ml trial size, another push for me to purchase as I was desperate to try this, but definitely not ready to take a gamble on the £52 price tag! Primers are such a funny thing and ever since falling into the Benefit Porefessional blog hype trap (I hated that primer)  I’m very skeptical. But once again with Hourglass, the hype doth proceed its reputation. The days I get the most compliments on my skin are when I have prepped with this bad boy. It’s a really light cream and does have that slight silicone finish to it, but doesn’t feel too heavy and makes for the perfect base for my Clinique Stay Matte. After a long day at work I barely have to powder and that is massive for an oil slick like me.
So have I convinced you yet?
I know this palette isn’t available anymore but if there is one recommendation I’d give you, it would 100% be the Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light…very closely followed by the Veil Mineral Primer…and a swift appointment with the bank manager!
Do you think Hourglass is worth parting with the pennies?

4 Responses to Currently loving : Hourglass

  1. vicki says:

    I really really want this. It looks beautiful and I have heard nothing but amazing reviews. I hope it is still available by the time I save up enough for it

  2. annie. says:

    Do you like Incadescent light or no? 🙂

  3. I wantttt oonnnneeeee 🙁 you're lucky it looks great! Xx

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