New year…same you

In true new year spirit I, very spur of the moment, decided to undertake a wee two day detox. Not particularly challenging you might think, but I wanted something achievable, something that I knew I would be able to do and most importantly, not something that would make me feel bad about myself ‘coz I couldn’t stick at essentially starving myself for seven days. And why did I suddenly decide on this? Well like most of us, my eating over the festive period became completely out of hand and I just wanted to gain some control over myself again. I felt really lethargic and like I couldn’t be bothered with anything, even taking off my makeup at night! Essentially, I do want a healthy body that both looks good, and feels good, and I don’t want to feel sluggish and depressed, something that is definitely a side effect of being unhealthy.

So a quick internet search and I found the perfect weekend detox plan. It markets itself as a renewing detox which I really like about it, nothing too crazy or unobtainable and more to the point, makes you feel like your benefitting your body, rather than depriving it.

The Plan

Upon Rising: Drink two glasses of water one with half a lemon squeezed into it.

Breakfast: One piece of fresh fruit at room temperature, I had a banana. Fifteen minutes later follow this with Gluten Free Porridge. I mixed mine with mostly water and a dash of milk.

Lunch: One or two medium bowls of steamed veg (you can add butter or olive oil to taste). I actually had a Fruit/Veg Blended Juice from Whole Foods and Edamame, on my second day I had juice, salad with leaves, tomatoes, red onion and cucumber followed with a banana.

Dinner: Same as lunch, if you are feeling tired or want to add some protein add 3-4oz fish or chicken. I had salad with flaked salmon and a dash of balsamic, olive and black pepper for my first dinner and steamed veg with roast chicken for my last dinner.

Broths – Unlimited throughout the day, a quick broth is boiling up veg and using the water. I also think you could use Miso.

– Make sure to stop eating around 6pm to give your body a break from food overnight, this wasn’t ideal for me on the Saturday as I finish work at 6.30pm so don’t beat yourself up too much if you eat a bit later.

So how do I feel after this? Hungry…but happy! I definitely feel like I’ve lost a bit weight already, which wasn’t entirely the aim but always nice to feel lighter, and I feel like my mindset has adjusted to ensuring I’m a little bit more disciplined going forward.

Where do I go form here?
Obviously I’m not just going to go, right that’s done now I’ll eat whatever I want. I’m still staying in my detox mindset for the next few weeks but slowly reintroducing more variety into my diet. For example, this morning I started with my water and lemon followed by a poached egg on toast and a cup of tea. Essentially I’m just going to focus on ensuring most of what I eat is fresh and no more processed nasties. This is about me being healthy, not skinny, and is for the long term.

A few tips
So if you fancy having a bash at a detox and have never done one before I do have a couple of things I want to point out so your as ready as possible and able to suceed.
 – If you are a heavy coffee/tea drinker or consume a lot of sugar, prepare to feel rubbish. I think I gave myself a small migraine on saturday as I basically had no sugar all day. This headache lasted through until sunday night when I had a little cheat and allowed myself a cup of tea with a pinch of brown sugar. Low and behold the headache was gone after this, so bear in mind you’ll be going cold turkey and this can play havoc with everything!
-Another good tip is to detox when you have a pretty free calendar. I work on the weekends so had no choice but as you will be more vulnerable to things like headaches it is a good idea to take it easy. Saying this it was good to have the work distraction so I didn’t cheat!
-Plan, plan, plan! I didn’t and so ended up in whole foods which is an expensive way to detox. Luckily it was only two days so didn’t break the bank but do plan these things. You are so much more likely to succeed this way.

And finally some inspiration.
I follow a lot of instagrams for inspiration and motivation, while I don’t always agree with the images posted on fitness pages, rock hard abs with 0% body fat, the food ones I love!! They give you great ideas to be more creative with ‘boring’ foods and really get your foodie sense flowing.

Some of my faves are –

There’s so many! But try these to whet your appetite.

Have you been trying to get your health in shape this year?

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  1. Good luck with your detox! I was thinking about juicing sometime soon. One of my former co-workers used to all the time but she did them for like two weeks at a time.

  2. I really want to try this, sounds so achievable! 🙂

    I defo need to do some sort of detox after the Christmas and New year!


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