I only need two things in life…

The elusive big, bouncy, voluminous hair. Working in a salon the most requested finish ever is always, big and bouncy. I always get asked how can I get volume, my hairs so flat, I want Kardashian locks, and the dealbreaker…but I can’t be bothered to style my hair.
If this is you, you are never going to get these luscious locks if you don’t at least do something after you wash your hair. If your hair doesn’t naturally do something the only way to get it to is to set it in that way, and this can only be done once the hair is wet and better still, with product.
But don’t worry, I’m not talking round brush blowdrys and roller sets, I have a pretty low maintenance, foolproof way of get big bouncy volume, in as much time as it takes to blast dry your hair.
All you need is my two absolute must have items…a diffuser and a good old mousse. 
I am on a crusade to bring back mousse into everyones hair routine. If you want volume you seriously cannot be without mousse, it lasts so much longer than any dry volume spray ever will, and as retro as it is, it’s started to ripple its way onto the wave of a comeback for one reason, it’s easy and it works. OK that’s two, but you get the jist. And don’t be thinking of the crunchy styled, 80s perms of the past, today’s mousses are soft, maliable and disappear into the hair.
The Technique.
Pick your favourite mousse, here I’ve chosen the cult hit, Oribe Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse, purely because it’s great at giving (exactly as it says) surfy, low maintenance beach babe waves with no hassle, or even heat if you prefer. If you’ve never quite got what you wanted out of the Bumble & bumble Surf Spray, you need this in your life.
Towel dry your hair, find your parting and pump about a golf ball size of mousse into your hand. Run through the roots, this is key as that’s where you want lift, and scrunch the remains through the ends. This can be left to airdry but if you want serious volume, tip your head upside down and diffuse dry. This can take a little longer than a quick blast dry but believe me, it’s worth it! 
Whether you go for a mousse or not, the key to getting any volume is a diffuser, and this Babyliss 3 in 1 Diffuser is so cheap and fits pretty much any hairdryer. I dry my hair this way a couple of times a week and I cannot recommend it enough! Another benefit of styling your hair this way? For you oily scalped gaaals like me which usually requires an every other day cleanse, I can push this style for a good 4 if not 5 days with no tell tale signs…except perhaps a slighty, itchy scalp, but who needs to know that ha!
Love this idea but Oribe abit out of your budget? Don’t worry, I’ve been putting both budget friendly, and budget enemy mousse’s to the test all month just to bring my pick of the best, so keep your eyes peeled for a post before the month is out!

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