Teen idol…

It’s just you and I, tonight…

I go through phases where I regress, I long for my teenage days and I dunno if it’s coz it’s January, and January’s basically shit, but all I can think about these past few weeks is The 1975 and somehow, have become completely consumed. I’ve had their album since it launched and have dabbled here and there, mostly placing Sex pon de replay in the KA and lightly skipping in and out of the other tracks. For ages I really liked their tracks but just couldn’t stand his voice, so I didn’t get too involved.

But, oh my god what was my problem. I went to a gig for the first time in a long time last Friday and this bought up a longing to reconnect with guitar heros of my past…you know you go through phases with music? One week I’m bad like Beyonce, the next I’m street dreamin’ with Nas, the next I’m all teen angst to the soundtrack of Hole. And now it’s the turn of The 1975. I saw in an interview them mentioning this as a soundtrack to their youth, taking influence from John Hughes movies and I’m pretty sure that’s why it’s resonated with me, especially recently. When I like a song I’m like child, ‘play it again, play it again’ until I get sick of it. Well I’m hoping not to get sick of this coz I feel like this is all I want to listen to…for the foreseeable future.

But this ain’t no album review, this is more a musing of sorts. That muse being, Matt Healy.

Let me get one thing straight, I don’t have a crush on this guy, this is deeper than that. I can’t quite describe what my obsession is, and it’s going to seem pretty shallow after this intro, but I absolutely love the way he dresses. Not even just the clothes, it’s everything about him, his hair, the way he sits, how his sleeves are gathered up by his fingers, how articulate he is, I’m full on stage five clinger…but in a I wana be as cool as you rather than, get in my pants kind of way. It’s no secret I am a huge fan of menswear, he kind of takes me back to my school days and gives me ‘boy in Year 11’ syndrome. The time of your life when you’re in Year 7 and Year 11 boys just seemed sooooooo cool, and so untouchable. I wished more than anything to hang out with boys like them, boys with skateboards, holey, fisherman knit, Kurt Cobain jumpers and undercuts, the older boy was just my biggest obsession and thanks to Matt, it’s back with a vengeance.

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  1. Lol, I get what you mean, I think it's the hair. I saw them at Glastonbury purely because they were in between two bands that I really wanted to see. When he came on the stage I was like 'who…is that'!!!

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