Hair how to | waving with straighteners

The biggest request I get when it comes to styling hair, whether it be from friends or clients, is how to curl hair with straighteners.
When I first got my GHDs, like everyone I favoured the sleek, straight finish. Once I grew up a bit I then moved onto to big, voluptuous hair and never looked back. I can’t really remember ever learning how to curl my hair with straighteners I just kind of did it one day. The easiest and probs most popular way is the more traditional, ringlet type finish (picture 1). More recently however, I really favour a more ‘mermaid’ effortless, type finish, an updated version of a crimp let’s say (picture 2).
It’s quite hard to describe how to do these techniques in words so head over to my latest youtube tutorial and have a watch.

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  1. Both look lovely 🙂 I like to curl mine with straighteners too because it's easier and it gives a more natural look xx

  2. I'm in a straightening rut. Need to be more adventurous and change it up with a few curls and waves. I'm just so fucking lazy! You look fantastic girl 🙂 X



  3. Emma Rose says:

    Batiste dry shampoo is my life saver! I use it for volume and it works wonders as I have naturally thin and straight hair. I wouldn't be without it!

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