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So you may have noticed in the last few months I have been going blonder and blonder. Although I looooove my blonde hair there is one thing that makes the decision of going blonde a tough one, and that’s roots! If you’re dark like me you neeeeeeed to think about how much your roots are going to affect your look (and purse!) Blonde is the most expensive hair colour and you need to be prepared to be paying in excess of £70 per appointment to maintain your style. I prefer to keep my roots as part of my look, but this is definitely something you need to consider, specifically if you’re wanting to go Gwen Stefani, white blonde style.

Although I get my roots dragged out on purpose, if I leave them a few months I do start needing a touch up. The good thing about leaving some root drag with going blonde is that you don’t need to book yourself in for 6 weekly, half/full head touch ups. I mostly get my parting and hairline touched up which sounds inexpensive but it does add up.

Enter the Muse of London Bleach Bar!

Last week I was invited to the salon where my blonde journey started! Now called Muse of London, they have launched an amazing concept called the Bleach Bar. Based on the Blowdry Bar phenom, the idea is a quick in and out touch up service. Clients choose from 3 services on the menu, Parting, Touch Up Ombre and Creative Bleach, all costing £30. You can opt to book in with a stylist for a blowdry at an extra charge if you want, or save your money by simply drying yourself off in their dry off section, helping yourself to the best product selection from Tigi. There is no booking necessary, if you’re lucky enough to walk in when it’s quiet you can get it done there and then!

The salon itself has such a nice atmosphere and you can see from the pics above, there’s so much to look at! It’s such a cost effective and simple way for any of you bleach blondes to easily maintain those pesky roots.

Head over to the Muse website for more info and follow them on twitter!

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  1. Lena says:

    wow, this salon looks so funky! I'd love to go blonder but sadly I can't afford it

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