The humble foundation brush...

For this mid week post, I wanted to focus on something that gets really overlooked these days, the traditional foundation brush or paintbrush if you will. 

I think most girls first (high end) brush purchase was the MAC 190. If you ever got colour matched you can bet it would be applied with this brush, and fancying yourself as a MAC makeup artist in the making, it was hard not to turn this guy down. In reality, this isn't the best brush to apply foundation with, it streaks, is difficult to blend and encourages product to sit on your face rather than fuse with your skin. Since then, this brush has been replaced in favour of more superior counterparts from the stippling brush, to the buffing brush and more recently the beauty blender.

But I wanted to post about this as there is still a paintbrush shaped place in my heart for the humble foundation brush. Recently, I have been dabbling into the world of makeup artistry and have discovered I love this brush for applying foundation on other people. I have no idea why this works so well when I'm working on other people as opposed to myself but it really does. It helps me to slowly blend and build foundation evenly rather than apply too much. It enables the product to spread easily and gives a really beautiful finish. Should it need extra blending I'll opt for a once over with the Elf stippling brush.

Another use for this is concealing/correcting work. My most recent addition, the YSL Foundation brush* has been a favourite for blending my creamy correctors and on more dressed up days, blending out a cream contour.

Have you ever used this old faithful? Would you go back to it?

*PR Sample


  1. Well this is a throwback and a half! Years ago I used to religiously use a flat foundation brush as I didn't know any better. I also didn't know foundation brushes needed to be cleaned regularly. No wonder it never worked for me haha! I'm currently in love with my Real Techniques buffing brush but would tempted to give the old flat style a whirl for old times sake. Maybe I can figure out how to use it properly haha! Great post. Very original :)


  2. I have in the past but buffing brushes are my all time favourite!

  3. We've never tried this particular foundation brush, but we might check it out because we've been on the hunt for a great brush for a while now. What are your thoughts on applying foundation with a spoonge, or something like the beauty blender? We know that a lot of people rave about them, but doesn't a lot of the product get wasted and absorbed into the sponge?