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If you follow me on youtube or any other social nets you may know I recently had a cheeky little trip to Berlin. It was my 30th Birthday, and being that I hardly travelled anywhere in my 20s/ever in my life, I thought it’s about time I start as I mean to go on. Travel is such an important thing and sometimes you just have to think fuck it and go, think about the money later, you’ll always make more money, you may not always be able to travel.
Now one thing I realised, despite calling myself a ‘vlogger/blogger’, I am absolutely shocking at recording anything when I’m out and about especially if I’m trying to navigate/negotiate my way around a different country. So here’s a few snaps that I did manage to take, but I missed so much, my biggest regret is not getting any pics of the glorious currywurst…you gotta try it.
The beaut road we were staying on
The Holocaust Memorial

Berlin was such a beautiful city, with amazing architecture and lots to do. My favourite thing though was walking around, having a look at the different areas and finding a cute cafe, basically anything to do with food and drink and I’m happy. I’ll have a post coming up on my favourite cafe we found this week. We chose to stay in Prenzlauer Berg which I’d highly recommend as a really cool, chilled out base to explore the city. It’s kind of like the Shoreditch/hipster area of Berlin, there are so many quirky cafes, bars and resturants as well as a cool flea market at Mauerpark on Sundays. It’s also home to the most banging burger place called The Bird. American run, this place boasts the best burgers in Berlin, that’s a huge statement but so right on and their chips…I died, I enjoyed it so much again I completely forgot to get any pics but if you do visit Berlin, make it your mission to eat at The Bird.

8 Responses to Travel | A birthday in berlin…

  1. Helen C says:

    I would love to travel more! You did well with your photos. Glad you had a fab time!! 🙂 xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  2. DiscoverMe says:

    I am so jealous :O It looks amazing. Great quality photos! x

  3. C Hin says:

    Glad you enjoyed your travels. You deserve holidays. In the photo with the tattoo sign you look like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Hehe (thats a compliment by the way) xx

  4. Lynne G says:

    I went to Berlin last year and it was probably one of my favourite every holidays, it's just such an interesting place. If you ever go back for another visit I'd highly recommend going out to the Spreepark which is an abandoned theme park on the edge of the city – soooo cool! And yep, totally with you on currywurst, I thought it sounded rank at first but it was damn tasty.


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