There's something about | cos bras...

As a founding member of the itty bitty titty club, I can't say I've ever been overly enthused about bra shopping. They never fit properly and should I need what I define as a 'proper' bra, meaning structured, padded to prevent 90s Rachel Green nips, and good for everyday, I always end up resorting to my fail safe option; the good old M&S T Shirt Bra.

But when I'm chilling at home or wanting to use my undies as an addition to my outties, like in a drop sleeve, cheeky peek out of a vest type'o way, I love a triangle bra. Back in the day I was all about the American Apparel Mesh Bra. Available in a range of colours, in a super sexy mesh fabric, I pretty much had every shade. But upon hitting late twenties/first year of thirties (!) I prefer something a little more, how should we put it, appropriate. I'm not saying I don't love a flash of mesh now and then, but I feel I need a slightly more substantial fabric; enter the Cos Soft Triangle Bra. I first bought the orange one in the boxing day sales a year ago and more recently I added this charcoal number to the mix. I just love how they fit, the cup is an opaque, comfortable fabric and straps are so flattering. It has me aching for summer where I can bust these out with a T by Wang Vest and AA Running shorts.

So if you find the quest for your perfect bosom buddy a chore, I highly recommend these two. Shout out also goes to Triangl underwear too, the sophisticated older sister to the original AA mesh number.


  1. I'm a big fan of the M&S Tshirt bras like you and the ones by Primark are actually pretty good as well! I love COS so I'll definitely check their bra section out :)

    Creepers & Cupcakes

  2. 90s rachel green nips hahaha so true!! Primary also do a fantastic 'everyday value bra' or some such which I'm pretty sure is made entirely with the itty bitty titty crew in mind..! PS love how your blog posts are always so well written!

  3. Gorgeous and witty post! I laughed at the Rachel Green comment I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed. The bras you bought are so stylish. I have quite a flat chest so these would suit me maybe! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog