Beauty hack | The Muji ‘brush’ case…

Sure this may seem like a mundane thing to dedicate an entire post to, but I’m actually pretty chuffed with this, would we call it a ‘beauty hack’? Ok maybe we won’t go that far, but on a recent weekend away I realised I had no way of transporting my makeup brushes…a fate worse than death, I know!

So upon rifling through my drawers, I found this Muji Nylon Mesh Pencil Case. Something I quite often use for session work if I’m doing hair to store clips and things like that, but I’ve now discovered it doubles up as a great brush case. It’s long enough to fit Real Techniques brushes with a good amount of spare room, although not quite enough for a full length MAC brush, but of course, they’d want to be difficult wouldn’t they?! On account of the slight pyramid shape I suppose you’d describe it, it can fit all the brushes I think you would need. I managed to get my bronzer, blush, foundation, powder, eyebrow and contour brush, plus a set of eyelash curlers and still have room for more.
So in the spirit of the sunshine and the inevitable holiday planning, if you need some makeup transport ideas, here’s your brushes sorted. You’re welcome.

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  1. Lena says:

    this is so nifty! I try and use pencil cases all the time but they are never long enough and brushes get all squished! love this case x

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