Mix 'n' match...

Like many, I jumped on the Banana Powder bandwagon as soon as that epic contour image of Kim K surfaced what seems like decades ago. One thing I didn't consider was the fact it might be completely unsuitable. 

Kim's a completely different complexion to me, but this didn't cross my mind, I wanted that lift and highight and if that's what she used, that's what I'll use. It took only a couple of goes for me to realise this was a completely the wrong shade for me and what I should've taken from her was just the idea of using a pale, yellow hued powder, and not necessarily the exact same one as her. I wouldn't use her shade in foundation, so why would I think her powder would work?

But anyway, after a few months of leaving to fester at the back of my beauty drawers I finally had a brainwave, 'why don't I just mix it with a translucent powder to lighten it up?' I know this sounds like such an obvious solution but it's something I thought maybe some of you out there may benefit from in general, regarding any product that may not quite right. Root around your stash and get mixing and matching and who knows, you just might create something you can't live without.


  1. i have been umming and ahing on whether to buy this and never has it crossed my mind if this would suit my own skin tone so thank you for the heads up! xx

    1. I know it's funny isn't itjust did not cross my mind! Glad it helped XX