Currently Obsessed | MAC Polished Up...

Something I have been missing in my life for a long time is a brand, spanking new MAC lipstick discovery. I have the old faithfuls that I can't live without (step up Velvet Teddy and Honeylove) but I haven't had a real 'discovery' as in, not raved about on youtube, for a while, probs since my CB96 post, which STILL doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

Enter MAC Polished Up. It's a shade I had never even heard of, but in celebration of getting a new job a few months ago, my blogging bestie, Grace, surprised me! There's so many reasons I love this lipstick, firstly it's a Lustre finish, next to Matte, it's my favourite finish from MAC and one I think is massively underrated. They are so comfortable to wear, richer in colour than a gloss as well as working beautifully over lip pencil to counteract any dryness. Get the right shade and you can give yourself a dimensional metallic sheen, making lips appear bigger and perfect for a 'no commitment' bold lip. The shade of Polished Up is perfect for me, just the right amount of brown and red tones for a modern take on a classic 90's lip.

Overall I looove this lippie. It's great to have makeup bought for you as you often discover some unexpected must haves that way. Have you heard of Polished Up?


  1. This looks so much more wearable that the matte shades that i've seen as dark as this! Saw you rave about this on youtube, I have Plink from the lustre finish range and that put me off as I didn't like how sheer it was and wasn't used to it, but I wore it under a lipliner like you suggested and it looked amazing!! x

    1. Oh yay - yeh they can take a bit of work and I find the lighter shades can be really sheer but like you say the darker ones are so much more wearable than matte ones, thanks for commenting! XX

  2. what eye makeup are you wearing here? beautiful