Everyday Autumn Makeup

I think it's pretty unanimous across the blogosphere that autumn is the most anticipated season. An excuse to start getting cozy, layering up and of course, changing your makeup.
I used to be super lazy with my makeup, I'd spend time on my skin but often eyes would just be a slick of mascara and if they were lucky, perhaps a winged liner. More often than not though, they'd be left bare.

Recently however I've been getting up those 10 minutes earlier specifically to spend time on my eye makeup. Perhaps it's to counteract how pale I'm feeling now summer's over, perhaps I'm just gettin'real fayncy, but doing my eye makeup has become something I'm really enjoying.

And it's mostly down to this beauty...

I saw this floating around the beauty side of the internet but didn't really take much notice. I have a pretty large collection of nude palettes for someone who only dabbles with eyeshadow on the rare few days a month they can bothered, so I really didn't need this (but at this point when do I ever need the makeup I buy?!) I then saw Claire using it and fell in love, it just had to be mine.

To create this look I only used the top line of shadows plus the infamous Kitten - first shadow on the left of the second row - for the highlight, and this is something I've been doing most days. On weekends I may switch it up and add in a darker shimmer to the lid or go for the more golden Vitality - bottom left - as a highlight shade. It really depends how I'm feeling and that's exactly why I love this palette.

Now I really don't think this palette photographs that well but in real life, it's absolutely stunning. Paired with my current favourite MAC Stone Lipstick I think this is a fab look to last me through to spring! I seriously don't think I need anymore makeup...well, we'll see!

Other details on my face include - 

Vivo Baked Bronzer as a Blush

You can see the palette in action in this video and I'm hoping to do a lot more looks with this palette as we head deeper into Autumn/Winter.

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  1. Obsessed with your stone lippie! Next on my to buy list. xx