Indulge: The Hart Spa, Sutton Coldfield

On Friday, Grace and I headed up to Euston to jump on the 11.23 train to get preened and pampered at The Hart Spa in Sutton Coldfield. Grace had been invited and as I’ve basically become her left breast, she of course couldn’t have a spa day without me.

I’m not really one to frequent spa’s. I’ve had a pedicure here, a facial there but I wouldn’t say I was a seasoned spa go-er, so the prospect of getting to spend a day getting a couple of treatments of my choice was just what I needed.
Run by Monique Hart, the Hart Spa is nestled at the back of the Coppice Garden Centre in tranquil Sutton Coldfield. Located slightly off the beaten track, this makes for the perfect escape from daily strains whether it be for an hour or an entire day. With a restaurant on site (you’ve got to try the afternoon tea) and the most amazing plant and flower displays, it’s the perfect place to get some space and indulge yourself head to toe. 
Being an advocate for healthy mind and body and having experienced some pretty testing times in her life, spa owner Monique wanted to create a calm oasis; a place you could come to focus on you and encourage mindful practice for a less stressful life experience. She developed her own products and the spa really seems to be something of huge potential; with both a pool and yoga space on the cards, Monique has big plans for this modest but beautiful space.
On arrival we were treated to a pedicure before heading in for our individual treatments. I opted for Microdermabrasion as I’ve been wanting to try this for a while and I wasn’t disappointed. The treatment itself was comfortable and pain free and my skin felt incredible for the days to follow. Microdermabrasion is great if, like me, you suffer from congestion, open pores and uneven skin tone. It’s recommended you have this treatment about once a month and after having had a taster, it’s definitely something I’m planning into my beauty routine; blackhead free nose – I’m coming for you!
I was also treated Monique’s signature candle hair treatment followed by the L’Oréal Pro Fiber range. Monique developed her own candles which are organic and all made with a high percentage of essential oils (I seem to remember Monique mentioning most candles have about 5% fragrance whereas her brand is made up of 15% essential oils but don’t quote me!) Being that they are completely organic, this enables them to be used for massage as they don’t burn to such a high temperature and the best thing; no black, sooty residue. The oil was applied to my hair and left for about 20 minutes before being rinsed off and finished with the L’Oréal Pro Fiber Range. Now I’ve had my fare share of hair treatments but this has to be up there with one of the best. My hair instantly felt fuller, smoother and the scent from the candle lasted for days. Even after a second wash I could still smell and feel the results and I definitely haven’t had to use as much conditioner after washing.
So overall I believe I am now a spa convert and NEED to start having a spa day at least once every few months…if not every Friday!
Massive, massive thankyou to Monique and her team for being so lovely to myself and Grace and if you’re up that way, you must drop in, get a pedicure and order yourself an afternoon tea at least!

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  1. Faye Jones says:

    This looks amazing, the hair treatment sounds super relaxing – I love any one touching my head haha! (Well maybe not ANYONE but you know what I mean). I've always been interested in Microdermabrasion too – sounds like it worked really well for you.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink

  2. Nice photos 🙂
    Maria V.

  3. Ruby says:

    Photos look amazing, I want to be there!

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