Travel Diary: 10 Days in the Dominican Republic

For those of you that watch my youtube channel, you’ll know I recently returned from an amazing 10 Days in the Dominican Republic.

Having not travelled for the last 3 years I would never have imagined I would go anywhere like the Caribbean. I’m not the best flyer and the thought of a 9 hour flight is pretty daunting, even for the most seasoned of travellers, but when would I get this opportunity again? So I bit the bullet and made the trip. And I honestly cannot explain what an incredible journey this was, it’s one of those holidays I feel has kind of changed my life; changed me as a person and definitely changed my outlook on the world as well as my day to day life. I’ve come back a more confident, more ambitious and more optimistic person and it’s all down to this beautiful island. I can’t quite explain how but the Dominican Republic has definitely gotten under my skin and I can’t wait to go back one day.

We stayed at the Catalonia Bravaro Resort and I would 100% recommend it. Everything from the staff, to the food, to the beach was wonderful. Upon first arriving however, once entering into our room I did think things were a little rough around the edges, the room was a great size but needed a bit of TLC, however after a couple of days settling in it quickly became home and I would absolutely return.

Being that it’s an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean it had the works, 5 restaurants to choose from (the Caribbean one of course coming up trumps), a swim up bar (need I say more!), the freshest and most delicious breakfast buffet and the resorts own private beach complete with beach bar and activities; although I spent 90% of my time on a sun lounger drinking Piña Coladas.

Another thing I loved about the holiday was the trips, we traveled around the island on an Outback Tour where we were taken to a few villages, a Dominican school, a Dominican family home, coffee and chocolate plantations and one of the only public beaches in the DR before heading back to the resort, honestly if you visit the DR you MUST do this trip and fingers crossed you’ll get Angel & Papi as your tour guides, who we just fell in love with. We also visited Saona Island for lunch and lounging complete with return trip on a Catamaran as well as spending a morning swimming with Dolphins, reading all this back I can’t quite believe I’ve done it either.

One of the best things about the island has got to be the people, they are all so lovely and so proud of their country, tourism is one of their biggest industries and they really embrace the fact that people want to come and visit their country, and rightly so, it’s beautiful.

I made so many other fantastic memories on this trip and the best thing has to be the person I made these memories with. If it wasn’t for Grace, I would never have gone on this trip and she really is the best friend I could have ever hoped for. It’s not to be taken for granted the fact that I spent 10 days with her and not once did we fall out or even get arsey with each other, it was mega LOLs all the way and I couldn’t ask for a better holiday buddy…which is relief seeing as we’re going to Ibiza together in 4 weeks for another 10 days; could you imagine if we wanted to kill each other!

So if you’re needing some destination inspiration, definitely look into the Dominican Republic, and have a Pina Colada for me of you end up going!

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  1. gemma s says:

    Amazing post so much detail really selling it I want to go so badly! Love you both 💜

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