Imagery by – Felicity Millward
Well Hello February!
I mean can you even believe we’re here already and thank god if you ask me. Despite having a pretty good January (I went to Vegas and Miami if you missed it check out this vlog here) I always feel like January is that in between month, the month in which we’re waiting for the year to start, the month we think about the things we want to achieve but don’t actually put anything into gear until February hits. And that’s exactly what’s going on for me, February is set to be one busy month and I’m so ready for it. I’m not one to be cryptic but basically, watch this space babes.
And on the subject of getting things going I’m so excited to bring you my first super fancy editorial style shoot. I’d be wanting to shoot with a photographer for a while but what with one thing and another I never quite got things moving on that front until Felicity messaged me on instagram. One look at her feed and I was so happy to see that she was the gaaaal I’d been looking for. After a few emails and shifting of dates we finally shot last week and despite just being a test shoot as not to add too much pressure on myself to be happy with the outcome (on my part not Felicity’s) I am so so pleased with what we created and feel really excited about the possibilities of what we can create. I’ll be posting more shots over on my instagram but let me know what you think!
As you can see I can’t get enough of roll necks and bombers right now so here’s some faves. I also just need to shout out this Madewell bag I picked up in Miami as featured in this post. I’d been looking for a leather tote like this that wasn’t going to break the bank and as soon as I saw this I knew I couldn’t leave the states without it, beautiful quality and the perfect size.








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7 Responses to Testing

  1. Looooooooove the photos! Felicity did so well! Can't wait to see more stuff like this 🙂 x

  2. milili says:

    Good Job! you look fantastic and chic <3

  3. Sarah H. says:

    You're gorgeous! Love these shots & this outfit!

  4. Lorna H says:

    AMAZING photos! Beautiful photography is the norm on most blogs these days but there's something a little *extra* about these shots – slightly edgy perhaps? I love them! x

    Lorna | Lorna, literally.

  5. rubymckenzie says:

    Guuurl! Amazing shots, loving this outfit too. I'm so excited to see what 2017 holds for you, you deserve every success!

  6. Mrs.Bothma says:

    Your photos turned out fab! ❤

  7. OMG you look AMAZING!!! You go Mary!!!

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