The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Professional Edition | An Honest Review

Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition

Not many hairdryers garner as much buzz as the Dyson Supersonic, but being that it was the first hair release from perhaps the most innovative electrical brand, it can be understood.

Released about a year ago, I was lucky enough to be sent one in the last few months on account of my day job. Being that it was such a hugely anticipated release and comes in at a hair raising £299.99 (so £300) I really wanted to give myself a good amount of time testing it so I could give a super honest and helpful review, especially to my fellow hairdressers.

So let’s have a look at the advertised USP’s of the Dyson Supersonic Professional Edition:

  • Built in heat protection by intuitively measuring temperature
  • Fast precise drying thanks to its focused air jets
  • Motor is built into handle for even weight distribution
  • Magnetic attachments enable 360° rotation
  • Three speed settings & four temperature settings up to 100° for ultimate control
  • Negative ions help reduce static

‘Every detail obsessed over, from head to handle’


I can’t argue with that, it is a beautiful dryer; sleek, compact and super chic. Everything from the colour, magnetic closure of the nozzle and the smooth purr when the dryer turns on is pleasing, if you’re into detail and design the Dyson won’t disappoint. But I must make one thing clear, this is not a hairdressers hairdryer. Yes it’s billed as the professional edition but after having used it in salon myself as well as consulting with a few professionals here and there on its lifespan (about 6 months which is the same as the warranty, hmmm interesting) this hairdryer just doesn’t stand up to the demands of an everyday hairdresser in the salon, I’m sorry it just doesn’t. There’s a reason our dryers are so much more powerful and the motors way more specialised and often heavier than a consumer hairdryer, and that’s because if you’re doing anything from 6-12 blowdries a day, you need to know that baby’s gona last, especially if you’re dropping some serious coin for the privilege. If you ask me stick to the old faithfuls ghd, Parlux and Diva, for now.

So taking hairdresser’s out of the equation how does it stand up for consumers. If I’m being completely honest, for me it’s just a souped up travel dryer. With the most obvious plus points being it’s size and weight, this is perfect for any seasoned traveller, and if aesthetics are your thing, it is absolutely the best looking dryer on the market, but what else would you expect from Dyson?

Now I know it seems like I’ve been a bit of a negative nancy up to this point but there is one big plus for me with this dryer and that is the finish. For you gaaaals with unruly locks this will be the selling point, it gave me perhaps the smoothest blowdry I’ve ever had with minimal fuss and without leaving my hair flat, static and lifeless. It’s a pleasure to use and there’s no denying the technological and  aesthetic advances the Dyson Supersonic has presented to the professional market are really exciting in terms of where electricals can go from here.

So my final thought; would I recommend this dryer if £299.99 is chump change to you, absolutely, but if if it’s a long term investment you’re looking for I’d probably say maybe hold tight on this model, but that’s isn’t to say I’m done with Dyson, absolutely not. Given that this is the first fray into hair tools, it’s a pretty great offering and bodes well for a promising future with what this brand can bring to market given more research and insight from the industry. Overall it’s a definite watch this space and I for one am up the front with a bag full of popcorn.

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