Where Were We?

After ‘the big reveal’ of my brand new blog design last month I had all sorts of grand ideas of posting at least twice a week and getting right back on track with all things bloggy. Well that fell on it’s arse pretty quick didn’t it?

So where were we? Oh that’s right, I left my job day job to pursue my hairdressing dreams – if you missed it, you can catch up on that post here.

It’s now been about four weeks since returning to the world of hairdressing and I’m loving it! I’ve been on a course for the last two weeks which has been great in getting my confidence back on the salon floor and brushing up my skills in areas like men’s hair and colour techniques. This course is something that every new stylist to Headmasters gets to benefit from so if you’re a stylist looking for decent career progression and training opportunities, I’d highly recommend checking it out. OK that sounded really sponsored but I swear it’s not! I just really think the opportunities with Headmasters are so good if you’re willing to work hard and it’s something I feel really strongly about especially if you’re new to the salon floor.

I’m now basking in perhaps my last bank holiday weekend of the year before heading back into the new job next week and I can’t wait to properly get stuck in, sort my routine out and finally start working towards all the career goals I have planned now I’m back where I should be.

And that doesn’t mean this blog will suffer, my hairdressing career and social media ventures are now one and the same to me and I plan to fuse the two together so I can keep my hand in all the areas of this industry I love, not to mention it being an invaluable tool to stylists in terms of growing client base and making myself and my ‘brand’ known to the hair industry. I would love to start working closely with my fav brands and plan to go after as many opportunities as I can – I hope you all come along with me for the ride!

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