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Being a hairdresser there’s one thing I have an unhealthy obsession over, and that is hair products. Yep, my name’s Mary and I’m a hair product junkie, styling, shampoo, hot tools, anything, if there’s a new product out there, I wana get my hands on it.

So when it comes to my haircare routine you can bet it’s pretty extra and when I uploaded this piccie to my instagram, I got so many questions on how I style my hair and the products I use so I thought hey, what better way to combine everything than to put it into a one post all about my hair. From pre shampoo (oh yeh I said extra) to finishing products, here’s everything I use to get this barnet looking perfectly un-DONE.

Pre Shampoo Treatment | Olaplex Step 3

The newest step to hit the haircare market, if you’re a slave to the blonde life, you need to do this. Most pre shampoo treatments are part of a bonding system, you’ve heard of Olaplex right? No? Olaplex is a solution colourists mix into their formula in salon to ensure hair is subject to a lot less damage than ever before, making it much better for your hair and in the long run, a huge factor in keeping hair healthy and strong enough to keep taking the colour we put on it. Everyone from L’Oréal to Schwarzkopf now have their own versions of Olaplex and the at home treatment is to be done once a week between colour visits. I know it can seem like another arbitrary step in your routine if you’re not too bothered about damage to your hair but believe me, if you plan to be blonde for summer and stay that way, you need this in your routine. At this point I wouldn’t colour hair without it.

Shampoo & Conditioner

After my pre shampoo I move onto standard shampoo and conditioner. I opt for something either from Pureology or Redken depending on how my hair is feeling. I’ll usually go for a volume shampoo as to not weigh my hair down coupled with a strengthening and/or moisturising conditioner, again depending on how my hair’s feeling. When I first went blonde and experienced a lot of breakage (before the days of Olaplex) I swore by the Redken Extreme range, but now I’ve got my condition somewhat under control, I love the Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Range, Redken Beach Envy Volume Range, the Bumble & bumble Surf Range and Thickening range, I could go on. Essentially most things from Bumble, Redken and Pureology are a thumbs up from me. If a sulphate free shampoo is what your after go for Pureology, all the brand’s shampoo’s are sulphate free unlike other ones that only carry one or two ranges.

Wet Styling

After cleansing and conditioning it’s then time to style. If you know me on any other platform you know my go-to look is beachy, textured waves a la the Olsen twins. I love nothing more than perfectly un-done texture with a luxe high end finish – check out ninezeroone’s instagram page to get a better idea of my hair aesthetic. First I go for a root lift or volume spray, some favourites include the TIGI Queen for a Day Thickening Hairspray, the Bumble & bumble Thickening Hairspray is incredible and if you’re looking to go luxe I can highly recommend the Show Beauty Volume Spray. At the moment I’m using the Maria Nila Volume Spray and I like it, it’s a vegan brand with the cutest packaging and all the products I’ve tried from them work really well, the only downside is it’s only available in Sally’s. If you crave volume and get flat, greasy roots easily, a root lift spray will be your best friend. I then go for a wave or texture spray for my mid lengths and ends, at the moment I’m using Jen Atkin’s range, Ouai Haircare. Known as the hands behind the Kardashian’s manes, Jen’s brand has of course been the talk of the haircare town, and I have to say it lives up to expectation. The Ouai Wave Spray encourages hair memory meaning waves stay put for longer, it’s lightweight so can be layered easily with other product and you really don’t need much to get a great result, in fact the less the better as to stop hair from feeling too tacky. Other favourites of this kind include the Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion Spray and Redken Beach Envy Wave Aid. It’s then onto a leave in conditioner, I love the Pureology Miracle Filler treatment, before brushing through my hair with a wet brush, the only brush you will ever need when brushing out wet hair. I then do a few sprays of the ghd Heat Protect Spray and we’re ready to start waving.

Dry Styling

Now, if I’m honest I could easily dry style with one product, and that’s a dry shampoo. I honestly go through this stuff like water, I cannot live without it. My favs at the moment are the Redken Pillow Proof Dry Shampoo and the Living Proof Healthy Hair Dry Shampoo, if I had to pick one, it would probably be the Living Proof one on account of it’s gorge scent and super chic packaging but Redken is nearly always 30% off on Feel Unique sooooo, I’m torn! The reason I like a dry shampoo as opposed to a texture spray is I feel like it really works into the hair rather than sitting on top of it. I like to take away that just washed softness so use a dry shampoo as my foundation if you like. I then add a texture spray on top for a piecey finish and separation and the only one I really use is the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray. Not only does it smell incredible but it adds amazing volume to the hair with gathering and making the hair feel stiff and solid. I’ll then finish with something like a dry oil as this helps to add shine onto blonde hair (notoriously difficult to achieve) as well as break up any gritty product where you may have gone a bit overboard. My go to is the Bumble and bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Dry Oil Spray but I’ve recently been trialling the brand new product from Kevin Murphy due out this month ( more on that to come!) Lastly and this is more of a second day product I absolutely could not live without the Bumble & bumble Pret a Powder, a dry shampoo, texturiser hybrid, this stuff is incredible. Unlike other powders it’s not tacky, it literally feels like talcum powder but gives an instant refresh and incredible volume without any tacky build up, please never stop making this Bumble as I don’t know what I would do!

So there we have it, my rather extensive haircare routine. you can watch it in live action in the video below and head to my hair shop on the blog where you can see all the products I can’t live without in one place!

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