On Trial | Air Dry Hair Styling Products, Just a Load of Fluff?

When I first heard about air dry hair styling products hitting the hair market I thought, hmmmm, yeh not really buying this.

The thing about hair styling is, unless your hair is pretty much perfect, there’s no real way to get around achieving that perfect, lasting style without a good old fashioned blow dry or heated tool intervention. Products definitely help of course, especially if you want your hair to do something it doesn’t naturally do, in most cases product is essential in achieving a super smooth, super textured, or super voluminous finish, and to be honest, if there was that one ‘can do all’ product to achieve great hair styling instantly, well my job wouldn’t exist!

So of course I just had to give one of these air dry creams a go as despite championing products and blow dries, I do think there is a place for air dry products. I decided to go for the Bumble & bumble Don’t Blow It Air Styler. Like a lot of these ranges there’s a couple of these formulated for different hair types and textures. Above is an image of me after having used this product and my hair completely air dried and I have to say, I really quite like it.

How to Use

Once out the shower I spray in a little bit of my Pureology Perfect 4 Platinum Miracle Filler Treatment (or leave in conditioner) just because I tend to frizz. An air styler is essentially an anti frizz product but if you tend to frizz too, ensure you also use a light leave in or mix in your favourite serum or anti frizz cream with the air styler.

Comb through using the wet brush.

Scrunch in the Bumble & bumble air styler, the reason I scrunch it in is because my hair has a natural wave which comes out if not heat styled, I want to encourage this wave but also tame it by using the air styler.

I then picked up random pieces of hair and twisted product through for a more boho, beachy texture as I like a more messy than polished finish.

And we’re done!

So are these products worth a look? If your hair isn’t particularly problematic in terms of coarseness or frizziness then absolutely. I particularly think these are great options for holiday haircare when heat styling just isn’t an option because a) it’s already hot and all efforts are instantly ruined by humidity and b) who’s got time for that when there’s frozen cocktails and beach sunsets to enjoy!

Overall Rating – 8/10

My hair type recommendation – Fine to thick, pretty good condition with a natural kink or wave.

Would you give air dry styling a go? Shop all my must have hair picks in my curated Hair Edit.

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