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I mentioned in my last post how things had been a wee bit on the crazy busy side lately, and as much as I’m loving having opportunities and exciting things to focus on, when life is hectic I tend to lose myself in it all and things like anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed can definitely get the better of me.

A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content


Sundays tend to be my only real ‘day off’ at the moment so I wanted to highlight a few things I haven’t consciously been doing, but tend to do every Sunday which really seem to help me get back to myself and reboot for another busy week with as clear a mind as possible.

Sleep In

I just mentioned I count Sunday as my only real ‘day off’ at the moment. I technically have Thursdays off but more often than not I’ll end up working on content, scheduling meetings, nipping to the shops or running errands that I don’t otherwise get time to do so this never really feels like a day off, not in the same way that Sunday does. I feel like regardless of schedule, Sunday is the only day that really feels like I don’t have to do anything if I don’t want to. I don’t ever set an alarm on a Sunday so I take full advantage of this by indulging in a good old lie in. Now when I say lie in, I’m usually still awake around 8ish and up and about by 9.30 but it feels so good to have a real lazy morning, drinking tea in bed, catching up on youtube and generally just chilling on the sofa for as long as I want.


Whether that’s a quick walk to the supermarket to get milk first thing, a gentle yoga sesh or even a run a round the block, getting out the flat and moving my body is something that instantly makes me feel better, especially if I’m going to be cooped up inside all day. A good gulp of fresh air really helps to ‘clear out the cobwebs’ as they say.


I always try to cook at least one meal on a Sunday and that starts with a good breakfast. Usually consisting of eggs, avocado and bread and of course a good cup of tea, if I can’t do this any other day of the week, Sunday is the day I always have time to indulge in breakfast time. More recently I’ve also got into cooking dinner with my babes. Now I can’t lie, sometimes the bulk of that dinner is a rotisserie chicken, but even just cooking the potatoes and veg is enough to encourage us to make the most of dinnertime and more importantly, quality time for the two of us. We can get pretty busy throughout the week so it’s nice to have Sunday as an excuse to spend some proper time together.


I’m starting to sound like a real housewife now aren’t I, but cleaning the flat for a brand new week makes me feel so much better about life. I live in quite a small space so if it’s dirty and messy, it can really feel quite claustrophobic. At the very least I’ll hoover and clean the bathroom and kitchen – I cannot STAND a dirty bathroom. I also try and change the bedding every other week but I’ll be honest, this can sometimes be a push too far after a non-stop week so I’m still trying to get o top of this one.


Now this is a cliche but you can’t deny that nothing beats a good Sunday night pamper sesh. I’ve recently got really into baths which I wasn’t particularly bothered about before, but thanks to discovering  this Ren Bath Oil, my bath life has completely changed! I also try and do my 10 Step Skincare Routine but at the very least, I’ll always throw on a Glamglow Mud Mask to get me looking fresh and revived for a new week.

Are there any weekend rituals you do to help reset in prep for a busy week? I’d love to hear them.

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