Indulge: Some Current Beauty Favourites

I haven’t done a favourites post of any sort on Youtube or here for quite some time. And in the midst of the pre Christmas craziness, I thought I’d encourage a moment of calm by showcasing some of my current pamper favourites.

Now even if you only have a slight interest in beauty you can’t have failed to notice the hysteria surrounding Glossier shipping to the UK. I was quick to jump on that click to buy let me tell you, and having had a good try of literally the one of everything that I bought, a couple of stand out products to me have got to be the Glossier You fragrance, a super sophisticated but really light and easy to wear everyday fragrance that won’t break the bank and will beg the question ‘what perfume is that?’, as well as the Glossier Priming Moisturiser. I love this stuff for mornings when I’m pushed for time as it sits beautifully under makeup as well as really nourishing my skin without feeling overloaded.

New to the skincare regimen is the Lixir Vitamin C paste. I fell foul to the instagram hype around this one as it was a product I saw pictured everywhere but had never even heard of the brand or seen the product IRl – talk about influenced! Having just got into to anything with even a hint of vitamin C I picked it up when I was in Liberty and have been really impressed, not only by its stealth branding (what can I say I’m a sucker for millenial pink and a good choice of font) it’s also seamless to slip into the old evening skincare routine and most importantly, gives results – more on this in my upcoming skincare in your 30s post. On this particular Liberty visit I also pickled up the Hair by Sam McKnight Cool Girl Texture Spray. A true boho at heart, if its got texture or dry shampoo in the title I’m having it and this has become a bit of a staple in my pursuit of the perfect Olsen-esque locks. A huge ‘give it a go’ from me if you’re into spending slightly more on your haircare.

Now as we are officially baubles deep in the season of gift giving, I decided to pick up a little something up for myself in the form of the still very covetable Le Labo Santal 33. This fragrance first intoxicated my senses in let’s say around 2013, I was living in Hoxton and having a casual ‘night in’ which of course turned into a spontaneous weekday drinking sesh (as they so often do around those parts) and my friend Bec was doused in this stuff. Needless to say it had me at first whiff and I’ve been coveting ever since, never quite being able to justify, or in actuality afford, the £175 price tag. But dammit I’m a fully fledged adult now and if I want to sacrifice a few meals out for an overpriced but pretty attention grabbing fragrance I will. The amount of compliments I get on this are insane and with every spray even I get more and more addicted, let’s just say it’s the heroin of fragrances, V LFW ey?!

Now for an oldie but goodie the Aesop Parsley Seed Hydrator has been a firm fav for the best art of 2017. Super light but nourishing for my oily skin, perfect for both day and night and of course that soothing, sophisticated scent, I truly believe this stuff is worth every penny and it lasts. I used it pretty much everyday this year and definitely got a good 6-8 months out of it, which places it firmly onto my repurchase list.

And lastly, you can’t indulge in a pamper sesh in the colder months without a good old candle. Now I usually burn Diptyque Figuire on balmy summer evenings layered with Mimosa (both the candle and drink 😉 but I’ve carried it into the winter and I have to say, it works really well. Light but heady it creates just enough of a cosy ambiance without being too overwhelming, although if you want a layering suggestion, the Arket Cade candle is the perfect partner.

What are some of your seasonal pamper favourites and have you had enough of Last Christmas yet?

All the love,

Mary X

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