Treatment Review: FaceGym

When it comes to fitness, whether we make the time or not, we all know how important it is to get that body moving and heart rate up at least a few times a week (I’m pretty sure running for a bus counts as part of this right?) But something I’ve never thought of is working out my face, yes you read that right, my face, but it makes sense if you think about it, we have muscles there right that never really get worked, well not in the way the old glutes do after a good sumo squat sesh amiright? Cue FaceGym.

When I first found out about FaceGym all I knew was, it’s a workout for your face, I didn’t really know what this meant, but I knew I was game. Being in my early 30s anti-ageing and more specifically, tightening and toning is at the top of my skincare agenda. My neck and eye area have always been top priority but as I age and despite my skin being relatively good, I’m noticing things aren’t quite as taut as they once were, I’m talking about the jowels and anything I can do to help tighten this up I’m there, turkey neck is not and never will be a good look.

So what exactly is FaceGym? Well it’s like any other facial service in that it has a menu of facials, only these aren’t regular facials, they’re workouts targeted for different skin types¬† and concerns all with one thing in common, treatments help tone, sculpt, lift and shape aiding in the reduction of puffiness, stimulating blood flow, lymphatic drainage and generally keep things boosted and skin as youthful as it can look. I headed in for the Signature treatment and wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew there’d be a fair amount of skin slapping I suppose I’ll call it, but had no idea of the process. Essentially it consists of a warm up, cardio and cool down, just like your Thursday night spin class yeah? A mixture of soft and deep massage techniques are used alongside the FaceGym Pro device to contract muscles, contour cheekbones and restore elasticity. Products are also chosen to suit your skintype whether it’s dry, oily or combination and the whole process is ¬£90 for 40 mins. Like with anything, the more you do this, the better the results will be but I must say after one session my skin definitely felt super energised and I noticed a subtle lift, especially when I was shown one side of my face against the other as a before and after.

Would I recommend? It is pricey and if you’ve got the budget, I would definitely say to try and get one in once a month, if not (like me) I’m aiming for once a quarter, just to keep things in check. FaceGym can be found as a stand alone store on Kings Road and concession in the Selfridges Beauty Workshop.

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*Huge thankyou to FaceGym for inviting me down for a complimentary Signature Treatment

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