Glossier Solution: An Honest Review

I really hate myself for starting a blog post this way but unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t failed to have seen that brand of the moment Glossier recently dipped their toe into the pool of acid toners (not literally) and brought to market their Glossier Solution.

Boasting AHAs, BHAs and the newest revolution in ingredients, PHAs, this is Glossier’s contribution to the increasingly popular demand for exfoliating toners.

When it comes to toner, for some reason I’ve always been a fan. From my first fray with Simple Skincare to a long lasting love affair with the Elemis Balancing Lavendar Toner and most recently the Pixie Glow Tonic, I’ve always loved the feeling of a toner and thanks to my oily skin and huge pores, is something that has become somewhat of an essential to my skincare routine.

So you can imagine my anticipation to try out Glossier’s contribution and having mixed reactions to their skincare (I love their Priming Moisturiser and Super Bounce Serum, not so keen on cult must-have the Milky Jelly Cleanser) I logged on, added to bag and checked out quicker than you can say gorgeous, glowing skin.

Now the first week of trying this solution I felt like I could potentially be impressed, my skin definitely looked great with my minimal makeup routine, super glowy and seemingly even but after a good 2 week trial things started to take a turn. I noticed an odd, bumpy, uneven texture to my skin, specifically around my jaw and it felt quite sore and itchy, nothing too drastic but nothing I’d really experienced before, very similar to heat rash I’d say. It’s been a couple of weeks since I stopped using the Solution and my reaction still hasn’t completely cleared up, I don’t seem to have particularly sensitive skin so this kind of reaction seemed both overdramatic and unwarranted so I decided to do some research into what exactly I was slathering on my face.

So next stop, naturally, was Caroline Hirons, not only is her skincare knowledge unparalleled, she’s also who I hold fairly responsible for part of the success of acids on the consumer market. Her breakdowns and explanations have proved to be guidelines for so many of us skincare addicts and if something gets Caroline’s seal of approval, you know you’re onto a winner. So when she didn’t seem too fond of the Glossier Solution either I was intrigued and her breakdown really helped me understand why this product wasn’t great for my skin.

I mentioned earlier that this contains AHAs. BHAs & PHAs, wow all three acids in one formula great right? Well no not exactly, I would direct you to Caroline’s post for more clarity on this but essentially each acid is there to treat something specific pertaining to your skin type. BHAs for example specifically target breakouts and blackheads as they penetrate the skin better, where as AHAs are great at exfoliating on a superficial level tackling dark spots and fine lines. From what I can make out PHAs are a less abrasive version of AHAs so great for sensitive skin. So your guess is as good as mine as to why a formula would contain all three but it seems that this is where the issue is. From Caroline’s post it seems that acids aren’t a one size fits all as this Glossier product would suggest, the Pixie Glow Tonic for example comes in three variations (news to me too) and Paula’s Choice offer 12, all dependant on what exactly you are trying to tackle.

With that being said it seems the acid market is much more complicated than this simplified Glossier Solution would have you believe, so with a heavy heart this has to be a no from me, which is such a shame as the packaging, as always is Of course it hasn’t put me off the brand, I still love what they do and if anything this has helped me recognise my concrete favourite products from them, so let’s just hope this is the start and not an abrupt end to their acid toner offering.

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