Unexpectedly Perfect | Embracing The Timing of Life

For those of you that don’t watch my Youtube channel or missed this blog post you may or may not know that just before Christmas, I became unexpectedly freelance. Not unexpected in that I had never considered it, this has always been a long term goal, but unexpected in the regards to the timing. It was something I was always working towards and something that with hindsight, is actually very easy to just carry on ‘working towards’ and never really getting there. Of course you don’t want to put yourself under any unnecessary financial strain or stress about finding work, but essentially something has to push you make the decision to finally commit to making it work.

So there we were, a week before Christmas and that decision was made for me. I essentially got fired from a new job which has never happened to me before and was something I found both embarrassing and mortifying in equal measure. It’s a funny thing to get your head round, being fired at 33 when historically, you’ve always done quite well and made great relationships in your working life, but here we are and you know what, I wouldn’t change a thing.

It definitely wasn’t the worst timing for this to happen, I’d been doing some freelance bits here and there and had been lucky enough to get quite a few brand partnerships through my youtube channel in the lead up to Christmas, so money wise, we were all Ok. So once I’d got my head around the initial trauma and embarrassment of it all, I started to think could this be a sign? The most difficult part for me was not having a plan, I’ve always had a plan when it came to career and all of a sudden, in just one phonecall all that was taken from me, but could this be a good thing? Could this be just what I need to push myself once and for all into the career space I wanted to be in? After a few emails, phonecalls and desperate text messages I’d managed to line up some long term freelance work with some PR contacts and there we were, a new working schedule of 3 days a week with the rest of the time to do as I please/focus on my own social and youtube channel.

And despite a very wobbly first couple of months I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with this freelance thing. I’ve come out of the lull of feeling uninspired and worried about things not working out and decided to just go for it. First thing I did, organise this shoot with incredible photographer Mari Fish. I’d been wanting to shoot with her for a while and I’m over the moon with how the images turned out. It was only a test shoot really to meet her and get past that initial awkwardness of shooting with a stranger but I couldn’t have predicted the shots would turn out as good as they have and I’m so excited to shoot more regularly with her.

So here’s to feeling more creative and making 2018 the year to just go for it, whatever that looks like for you, consider this the push you need to do it.

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