Unlikely Style Hero | Cycling Shorts

APC Blazer | Topshop Tee | Pretty Little Thing Cycle Shorts | Reebok Classics

I feel like I should’ve really got myself together and uploaded this post as soon as I’d shot these images as I feel like cycle shorts have slowly started to make their mark in the mainstream. Since shooting these I’ve seen them pop up on some of my fav fashion bloggers like Aimee and Shini, I’m not saying I got there first (ahem) but great minds and all that!

I don’t even know what possessed me to pick up a pair in the first place, I’d actually had a brief flirtation with cycle shorts a few summers ago when American Apparel was still a thing & I was living my hipster YOLO life in east London, not a style I thought I’d return to at the age of 33 especially with the whole Calabasas association they now have but hey, life takes it turns sometimes and you’ve just gotta go with it.

These are actually from Pretty Little Thing, again a site I (surprisingly) don’t often frequent but one of, if not the, only place I could find such things on sale. I got two pairs one basic cotton and another shiny pair and I actually prefer the fit and look of the shinier ones, mostly because they’re not so see through that you can see your cheeks and/or underwear on display and they’re just sit a lot more streamlined, little details like that I really appreciate in a garment these days.

I chose to style these with my APC blazer, casual tee and my reeboks for a modern take on a 90’s Power/Soccer Mom but as we go into the new season I can easily see these paired with an over sized cashmere sweater or roll neck and some ‘ugly’ trainers, which is another trend I didn’t see coming as a new obsession of mine but again, I guess 2018 truly is the year of realising stuff.


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  1. Abbie says:

    You have literally made them look so cool and chic! I have been debating them, but wasn’t sure! Love it bbz xx

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