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It’s been raining all weekend, the temperature has dropped considerably and whilst I’ve been doing all I can to deny it, I’ve had to start to accept that summer is over, autumn is imminent. As much as I actually do quite like autumn, there’s just been something about summer 2018 that I’m not quite ready to let go of just yet.

But to get myself excited for the colder weather, I’m doing what any girl with a wardrobe that’s feeling somewhat uninspired would do, deciding what I’ll be wearing. One trend I think is perfect to transition from spring/summer into autumn/winter, especially on a gloomy Sunday, is some chic but comfy clothes, or as the fashpack would call it, Athleisure.

One thing I’ve really been enjoying, with the excuse of bulking out my ‘athleisure’ inspired part of my wardrobe is planning cosier but more socaily acceptable outfits for those off duty/lazy days. I mean sure, I’m no stranger to popping up to the Co-op for a pint of milk in my PJs and coffee stained hoodie but when weekend plans start to involve cosy trips to the pub and a Sunday roast, I do wana look like I’ve made some kind of effort and not just dragged my hungover mess of a self from my bed to a bar stool you know?

So I’ve out together a few easy ways to create the perfect off duty, athleisure inspired look with things you can probably find in the back of your wardrobe.

Classic Jeans and Tee

You cannot go wrong with this combo for a lazy weekend and I love how something as simple as footwear can really change how this look comes together. This boxy tee from Redone is the PERFECT fit, I can’t explain what is it about it but in terms of a classic white tee, this ticks all the boxes for me. I’ve also recently been trying this pair of Redone jeans too and as jeans go, they’re pretty much bang on fit wise – would highly recommend if you’re in search of the perfect jean. Adidas slides started off as more of a house shoe for me but they’ve quickly made their way out of the house and into an outfit that I purposefully style around them, they’re so comfy and I love how they add a bit of a sassy new yorker at brunch type of vibe.


Androgynous Silhouettes

Three of my favourite things all in one outfit. A boxy crop jacket like this & Other Stories one has fast become a staple in my wardrobe and I love the relaxed but streamlined fit of these Weekday trousers, a go to pair for me most weeks right now. Add in a nod to 90s nostalgia with the Calvin Klein bra and finish off with one of the comfiest pairs of trainers in the form of the Reebok Club C’s and you’re good to go, I also love a branded ankle sock like these Tommy ones or these Adidas ones.


For the Minimalist

When the temperature drops I love nothing more than a good oversized knit and if it’s got a roll neck, even better. & Other Stories is definitely a go to for a good roll neck like this one and I actually love how the image is styled with a tee underneath. There’s something about it that I think is so chic and put together but also helps you hide from the world when you really don’t have the strength to adult anymore. Side striped trousers are also becoming a staple for me, really simple but a great detail to elevate an outfit.


Weekend Dad

I don’t know when it happened but I too seem to have succumb to the ugly trainer/dad off duty trend, so with this look I thought I’d go all out. I had been fantasising about the Fila Disruptors for weeks, all of a sudden I was obsessed, I saw them in store and I could not stop thinking about them, to me they’re the most ‘attractive’ I suppose out of all the ugly trainers on the market. The Balenciaga’s I’m afraid I just don’t think I’ll come around to but these are somewhere perfectly in between ugly and cool for me. As you may be aware I’ve been having a love affair with cycle shorts for the best part of the summer so we won’t talk about those too much but I do find them a really easy piece to style, I’d even go as far as to say they could form part of my wardrobe foundation, it’s that deep for me. These ribbed bras from Urban Outfitters are the comfiest bras you will ever wear, seriously stock up my fellow small breasted babes and thank me later. I also love the idea of what I think is a pretty sexy bra (in the most minimal of terms of course) underneath this huge dad inspired fleecey jumper, there’s something I think is just super sassy about it.




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