So who is the girl behind the blog?
Well it’s me, Mary. It’s always hard to explain yourself in these kind of places but here’s a tiny bit of background. I started blogging whilst studying Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion and having started and deleted about 5 different blogs, Another Girl’s Life became official in 2011, a few months later I started up my Youtube channel and now here we are.So who is the girl behind the blog?

How else do I fill my days? I’m a Copywriter turned Hairdresser turned Editor (what can I say I’m a Libra, decisions aren’t my strong point). I now spend my days in Fulham working as a Web Editor/Social Media bod alongside wacking out the occasional full head of foils on the weekend.

And that’s what this blog is mainly about; all the things that make up Mary. From fashion and beauty to travel and lifestyle and perhaps the occasional rant; I write about it all, in this little space I call my blog.

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For all business enquiries please contact: paul@optimustalent.co.uk 
For personal enquiries email: anothergirlslife@hotmail.co.uk

I also have a PO Box babes

Optimus Talent Ltd
Office 100, Imperial Court
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